If you are looking for a job, chances are you’ve been subjected to a criminal background check.  A recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that nearly 70% of employers conduct criminal background checks on all job applicants.  Other studies put the number even higher, finding that over 90% of employers rely on criminal background checks when screening employees.  In today’s tight job market, any sort of criminal record can cause you to lose out on a job opportunity, even if your background check is inaccurate or reporting out-dated information.

Fortunately, job seekers have rights and strong protections under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Whether the background check that was run on you was accurate or inaccurate, under the law you are protected and have the right to recover money damages, punitive damages and attorneys fees against employers and background check companies that have violated your rights.

At McRae Bertschi, we specialize in helping job seekers who have had their rights violated during the background check process.  Even if your background check was accurate, you may have a claim.  Call or email us for a free consultation to find out what your rights are and whether you have a claim.  We handle background check cases on a contingent fee basis, so there’s no fee unless you recover.